Vertical Axis Turbines

Wind Power Reimagined

Wind Energy for Islands

Are you tired of living with constant brown outs and expensive electricity costs?

If you have these issues, you need to consider an EcoVert Wind Turbine Solution:

  • Inconsistent electricity supply?
  • Major reliance on imported fossil fuels?
  • Small scale generator of electricity?
  • High energy needs for a modern economy?
  • Underutilizing renewable energy solutions?
  • Have the minimum capital to invest in a high payoff energy solution?

If you answered YES to most or all of these, you have to consider EcoVert Wind Turbines a good solution!  EcoVert addresses Island challenges with:

  • Automatic storm mode, preventing damage to the turbine during high wind events.

Surviving Tropical Storm Issac

  • Ultra-low noise signature
  • Components and finishes specifically selected for the harsh environmental realities of Islands.
  • Installation and repair without special cranes that are not readily available to remote locations.
  • Turbines right sized to produce your facilities electrical needs.

Some islands that have solved the fossil fuel dilemma and led the way for you are:

  • Channel Islands National Park (USA) – Wind
  • La Desireade (France) – Wind
  • Nan’ao (China) – Wind
  • Pellworm (Germany) – Wind and Solar
  • Reunion (France) – Geothermal, Solar, Biomass and Wind

Islands such as these are interesting when it comes to the development of wind energy on a local and global scale because they almost always have an excellent wind resource that is not being fully utilized.

  • There is a strong need for renewable energy solutions, so solutions that really work and provide high ROI significantly help island energy challenges over the long term. They are excellent development proving grounds for mainland communities, third world populations, and other islands. For more information on “wind as the solution” read Why Wind Power Meets ALL the 6 Degrees of Energy Excellence.
  • These islands are over 80% non-sovereign which give them substantial economic support from their mainland entity. That allows the initial capital costs of these projects to be funded.
  • The economic payback from less expensive and more expansive electricity on these islands is significant.
  • In addition, other soft benefits like increased education, broader economies, self sufficiency and stronger islands bring a positive impact to these communities.

There are over 2.5 billion people living outside a national grid in developing countries. These people need electricity services and lessons learned from renewable energy islands are highly relevant to this larger world issue. Furthermore, islands can serve not only as demonstration projects for local communities in the developed and developing world, but through concentrated efforts some small island states can serve as demonstration nations. Despite their size, island states are a positive example to the rest of the world’s nations.

Ready to Learn More on How You Can Benefit with Wind Energy?

Call us at 866-820-0434 or contact us to get your questions answered and to get the full details and benefits of wind power and the EcoVert line of wind turbines.

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