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Large Permanent Magnet(PM) Low RPM Generator Design, Engineering and Manufacturing for OEM Companies

Permanent magnet generators are gaining momentum as a key sub-system in the wind power industry. Our EcoTork™ pm generator platform is the design starting point for our work with OEM Manufacturers to supply design, engineering, and production partnering. Our custom design work and high quantity manufacturing capability make us an ideal choice for wind turbine OEM manufacturers as their generator supplier.

We have expertise in generators up to more than one MW output at very low RPM’s, offering a broad range of designs for different power needs. Our EcoTork™ modular approach and unique flux-path design allow us to cost-effectively design and manufacture very large diameter pancake-style generator-alternators that perform at low speeds. Another benefit to the modular design approach is field serviceability, even atop an 80+ meter tower.

Slow rotation, as in a wind turbine rotor, is normally geared up by more than 100x using a massive gearbox before coupling to the generator. This gear train adds weight, drag, complexity, cost and reliability issues to any system. In addition, most systems operate at a synchronous speed, further limiting the efficiency of the power conversion over a range of conditions.

Features and Benefits of the EcoTork™ Design:

  • Modular design ensures a generator tailored to your application
  • Manufacturing expertise insures we can build what we design
  • High voltage output at slow speeds
  • Optimized materials usage for a cost-effective solution
  • Proprietary stator design offers off-the chart short circuit protection and thermal management properties
  • High efficiencies
  • Low cogging torque (torque ripple)

Permanent Magnet Generator – Modular Design for OEM Manufacturers

We custom design and manufacture permanent magnet generators to fit your exact needs. Our typical project starts with a needs analysis, preliminary design, detailed design, and final design drawings. This package for OEM manufacturers typically starts at $25,000.

We know that each project is unique in application, performance, reliability, and the investment budget. We optimize our solution for your project. You own the rights to your permanent magnet design and any unique manufacturing instructions. Although this requires some minor non-recurring engineering to create a unique design, the payback can be tremendous in long term performance. To most engineering teams, this is exactly what they want, our team partnering with them to create the very best generator to compliment the rest of their design.

Please Let Us Know How We Can Help with Your Permanent Magnet Generator Needs for OEM Manufacturing

Do you have the need to efficiently convert slow-speed rotation (between 10 and 1000 RPM) into usable electricity? Discover more about the new wave of PM generators .

Do you offer raw materials technologies such as copper, superconductor materials, magnets, bearings, or potentially collaborative systems such as power switching electronics, transformers, or renewable energy mechanical systems? Contact us .

Why EcoTork PM Generators for Your OEM Project?

Renewable TM Energy Workhorses

Coupled to a grid-tie inverter, EcoTork designed generators can supply nonstop AC power to any home, business, or power grid. Best of all, the source power can vary in both speed and torque based on the resources available. In a wind turbine for example, the wind may vary and cause a rotor speed change. With a PM generator, maximum power conversion can be achieved at any speed, and the supplied electricity will be clean and fault-free even during load changes. All this with no wear items: no brushes or slip rings!

From our modular design to our industry first automated coil production process, rest assured you will have the best generator for your unique OEM application. Our proprietary slotless design affords minimal torque ripple (aka ‘cogging’) and maximum efficiency through the virtual elimination of all eddy and parasitic stray currents.

If you are developing renewable energy solutions in the 500kW and under range and need a reliable generator tailored to your application, our EcoTork design, engineering, and manufacturing capability is right for you.

Contact Ustoday to learn more about this revolutionary technology and our custom design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.

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