Vertical Axis Turbines

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EcoVert™ 75: Smaller, Versatile, and more powerful Vertical Axis Wind Turbine than anything before

Every day the economic benefits of wind power are being realized by facilities the world over. A recent NREL study concluded that there are over 300,000 sites in the United States alone that have a positive net present value. In order to help these locations realize wind power’s value, turbines needed to be developed to specifically address conditions unique to facilities, schools, hotels, and Islands.Inerjy is proud to deliver the EcoVert 75, an ideal “facility class” wind turbine solution.

A few important benefits of the EcoVert 75 are:

  • – Modest initial investment.
  • – Best in class Ultra-low noise signature
  • – 70 kW rated
  • – Automatic storm mode prevents damage during high winds, including hurricanes
  • – Easy installation and repair to minimize maintenance costs
  • – Minimizes your capital investment for quick payback
  • – Fits in a size less than a parking space


The EcoVert

The EcoVert

Cost Effective.

The EcoVert wind turbine can provide a ROI within 5 years. It is easy to install and has low maintenance costs.

Hurricane Resistant.

If a hurricane is approaching, the EcoVert can shut down and “float” to insure the turbine is safe and impervious to high wind damage.


With its efficient design, the EcoVert operates with little to no noise.

Various Applications.

The EcoVert can operate in almost any setting. The area needed is often the size of a parking space.

Bird Friendly.

The vertical axis wards off birds and has no negative impact on the environment.

Modern Design.

The sleek, futuristic design of the EcoVert is aesthetically pleasing.

vertical axis wind power

EcoVert™ 300: Next Generation of Vertical Axis Wind Power Turbines

The most efficient and cost effective renewable energy technology available: FACILITY CLASS WIND!

The EcoVert 300 turbine is a revolutionary solution, unique in the mid-scale “Facility Class” market. Suitable for a wide range of wind speeds, it is extremely quiet and is ideal for coastal areas where there is a hurricane threat. It’s easy to set up, low maintenance, and will provide high ROI for your wind power project. It is easily transported to any remote location by truck or small island supply ship. Its aesthetic 3-blade vertical-axis design is more nature-friendly.

This turbine is ideal for more isolated areas and also fits easily into the most populated environment. It’s extremely quiet operation is a surprise, particularly compared to traditional wind-farm style turbines. Without a gearbox, this turbine has higher efficiency, lower maintenance and less chance of expensive failure. These are critical features for facility class wind projects where with traditional turbine designs, the maintenance costs can destroy the project’s financial success.

APAA™ Blade Control

One of the significant factors that contribute to the superiority of the EcoVert 300 is APAATM , is its blade control system. This system features microprocessors and advanced control software for better low-speed output performance, more consistent output over wind speed range, and 60% less tower load in storm winds than traditional turbine designs.