Vertical Axis Turbines

Wind Power Reimagined

The EcoVert Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The EcoVert

Cost Effective.

The EcoVert vertical axis wind turbine can provide a speedy ROI. It is easy to install and has low maintenance costs.

Hurricane Resistant.

If a hurricane is approaching, the EcoVert can shut down and “float” to insure the turbine is safe and impervious to high wind damage.


With its efficient design, the EcoVert vertical axis wind turbine operates with little to no noise.

Various Applications.

The EcoVert vertical axis wind turbine can operate in almost any setting. All that is needed is wind. The area needed for the tower is often just the size of a parking space.

Bird Friendly.

The vertical axis wards off birds because of its rotation and has no negative impact on the environment.

Modern Design.

The sleek, futuristic design of the EcoVert vertical axis wind turbine is aesthetically pleasing and stands as a flag for renewable energy commitment.

Why Wind?

Saves Money

With a modest initial investment, easy installation and low maintenance costs, the EcoVert vertical axis wind turbine will dramatically reduce or eliminate your electric bill.

Helps the Environment

Wind energy is sustainable and renewable. The carbon-free energy is a clean source, not polluting the air or affecting our atmosphere.

Energy Independence

The wind belongs to no one. There is no government or political force to contend with or fluctuations with currency or supply.

Any Application

Wind Power For Hospitals

Wind Power For Campuses

Wind Power For Office Buildings

Wind Power For Arenas

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