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What Makes a Great Wind Turbine for Distributed Applications?

When investing considerable resources in a distributed wind energy project, doesn’t it make sense to at least evaluate the minimum criteria? Read Full Article

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Develop Wind power in Your Community

A Guide to Wind Power for Energy Independence

The Florida Wind Power Story

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Clean, Quiet Wind Energy Solutions

EcoVert™ is a revolutionary new vertical axis wind turbine that runs more efficiently, quieter, and with less impact on the environment.

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Wind energy is the only renewable energy source that meets the "6 Degrees of Energy Excellence" to lead the way.


Wind power is extremely versatile with thousands of locations suitable for mid-scale wind turbines.

EcoVert Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - The High Payoff Solution for Wind Power Projects

Inerjy, and its EcoVert series of vertical wind turbines, is riding the cutting edge of renewable wind power generation system technologies with highly efficient and modular vertical axis wind turbines and permanent magnet generators. We have solved the traditional wind power generation issues of noise, hurricane resistance, and high maintenance costs, which make conventional wind turbines unsuitable for single unit installations. We are vertical axis wind turbine manufacturers for your medium and smaller scale projects with two wind turbine designs delivering 70kW and 250kW.

Your project is important to Inerjy! We pride ourselves on delivering advanced technology, outstanding site-engineering support, and great customer service to make your renewable energy project a reality you can be proud of. Our wind energy solutions are:

  • Quiet, easily blending into the background noise
  • Highly Efficient, offering quick financial payback
  • Scalable to meet your needs with no wasted capacity
  • High Reliability and Low Maintenance for low operating costs and no surprises in operation

Our “perfect project” would be a Caribbean Island, a school, a manufacturing facility, a community energy initiative, or a government project to provide remote site alternative energy.

If your commercial, industrial, or public-sector organization is interested in reducing energy dependence to achieve predictable energy costs with a strong return on investment, contact us. If you need more information read our Wind Energy Pros and Cons vs. the Alternatives. Discover the benefits of EcoVert and get started on your contribution to energy independence and wind power ROI.

Learn more about our EcoVert 75 Solution.


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